Intisar Daka

A textile and embroidery artist, Jaffa

"I started embroidering at a very early age. Guided by my mother, I would practice a bit each day, until I started embroidering dresses, pillows, blankets. I sewed my own dowry. I was born in Hebron, there my mother taught me the Palestinian-Bedouin art, later on I specialized in tayloring. I embroider everything from handbags, ties to jewelry and even picture frames. Embroidering is tradition passed on by my grandmother to my mother, to me and my sister, to my sister-in-law. Even my daughter embroiders.

In 2012 I worked at Arous Elbahar. And by 2018 I started my own business named ElJanat, which is my daughter’s name. I create my art with love and accuracy. I hold the highest respect for this traditional art."