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  1. The Terms and Conditions herein described use female-gendered language for purposes of convenience, but apply equally to women and men.
  2. Use of the website, its contents, and its services are conditional upon acceptance of and adherence to all the Terms and Conditions noted herein.
  3. Access to and/or registration with this website for purposes of availing oneself of its services constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Governing Body of this website has the sole authority to remove, block, and/or prevent access to the website of any party that uses its services in breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or in violation of the law and/or engages in any activity that could harm another or undermine the infrastructure of the website or its goals.
  5. The Governing Body of this website has the sole authority to periodically update the website Terms and Conditions either by revising any portion of them or replacing them in their entirety with other Terms and Conditions.
  6. This website may not be used in any way to promote objectives that are illegal.
  7. Individuals under the age of 18 may not register for this website. Use of the website is limited to persons aged 18 or older. Registration constitutes declaration that you are 18 years of age or older.
  8. Registration for this website must be performed by the individual herself through direct use of the website after the Terms and Conditions have been presented to her. Accordingly, no one may be registered against her will and/or using the website indirectly by a third party. Every website registration shall be deemed registration having the full knowledge and agreement of the registered party.
  9. Registration is required as a condition for use of the website, its content and its services, and is intended for the exclusive, direct use of the person who accesses it, who may not transfer her authorization for use to any other party.
  10. During the process of registration, the subscriber is required to provide correct, current information about herself, and to update this periodically if any changes occur. Furthermore, the website bears no responsibility if it is unable to contact the subscriber and/or the subscriber is unable to access the website or any information due to her failure to submit correct and updated information.
  11. Users are strictly prohibited from posting and/or submitting to or through the website information of any kind that is false, insulting, libelous, threatening, invasive of privacy, in breach of state security, pornographic, sexual, racist, illegal, or unsuitable for the goals of the website and its needs and/or constitutes one of the aforementioned prohibited actions.
  12. Any information that website users, whether subscribers or not, post or convey through the website is the sole responsibility of the website user; the Governing Body of this website assumes no responsibility for content that is posted or transmitted between subscribers or website users.
  13. Any commercial use of this website, whether by posting advertisements or otherwise, is strictly prohibited unless the party receives prior written permission from the website Governing Body, and even then the posted content is subject to the approval of the website Governing Body. The website Governing Body has full authority to disallow a specific posting for any reason at its discretion if and when it believes that no benefit would be derived from the requested posting.
  14. Announcements sent via the website, when allowed, shall not be sent to more than five addressees.
  15. Accessing the website shall be deemed a declaration in advance that the user is aware that the website Governing Body does not have the means or ability to conduct a preliminary check or screening of registered subscribers to the website.
  16. Any virtual or other contact between website users, whether subscribers or not, with other website users, whether by messaging and/or chat and/or personal encounter, is the sole responsibility of the users. Nevertheless, recommendation is made to website users to carefully consider this contact and first verify all information about the other party, and to take cautionary measures before meeting with a previously unknown person. To preclude all doubt, the website Governing Body assumes no responsibility for the outcome of any encounter and/or contact, whether initiated on the website or not, and without diminishing from the generality of the aforementioned, assumes no responsibility for physical, mental, financial, emotional, or other damage.
  17. The Governing Body of the website invests its best efforts to maintain the website and make its services available at all times to all users. However, the Governing Body is not able to pledge uninterrupted access to the website without mishaps and/or downtime. Users are aware that such downtime can be due to a variety of circumstances that are not dependent on the website Governing Body. In this context and in order to improve and periodically maintain the website, the Governing Body has the authority to interrupt access to the website at its discretion for these purposes. To preclude doubt, let it be clear that no monetary or other compensation shall be paid due to outages or interruptions in the service of the website.
  18. It should be emphasized that any use of the website or its content for purposes deemed inappropriate and/or legal and/or without obtaining permission for the intellectual property rights and copyright is strictly prohibited. Any such rights belong to the website Governing Body and the parties authorized to operate the website.
  19. To be perfectly clear, with regard to any announcements and/or advertisements posted on the website in any manner or form, the website Governing Body shall bear no responsibility for the content of the announcements and/or any other advertising material. The sole responsibility for this falls upon those who posted this material.
  20. Let it further be known that the quality of any link and the content of that link found on the website and/or introduced by any of the users is not the responsibility of the website Governing Body; furthermore, the Governing Body shall not be held liable in any way for the content or veracity of the websites accessed by those links.
  21. The users of this website acknowledge that they understand that the products displayed on the website are examples and do not fully represent the finished product, which can be seen in the physical shop.
  22. In the event of cancellation of an order, a defective product, exchange of a purchase, etc., the provisions of Israeli law relevant to consumer protections shall apply, while underscoring the policy of the website to promote fair trade in Israel.
  23. Note that the prices of the products marketed on the website do not include delivery charges, which will be added to the price of the product, unless otherwise noted.
  24. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Israeli law. Should any conflict arise between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and any document written and signed by any member of the Governing Body and/or at her authorization, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence, provided that that document does not explicitly state that the website Terms and Conditions do not have primacy.
  25. Jurisdiction concerning these Terms and Conditions shall be the authorized courts in the Tel Aviv district.


Thank you,

Governing Body of the Website