For your Awareness (Min Ajliki)

For your Awareness  (Min Ajliki) was founded in 2003 in Kafr Qara by Arab women intent on bringing about positive social and economic change, and improving the lives of Arab women in their town and region by activities on a community, family, and personal level.

Members of this nonprofit aspire to an egalitarian society that is free of discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or nationality. Members of For Your Awareness  seek to involve every woman in advancing society and, in particular, promoting the status of women.

The organization offers a broad range of projects, but common to all is a supportive environment and empowerment of women in Arab society. Among the products made at home by the women: honey, olives, olive oil soaps, bookmarks, embroidered purses, scarves, and more. For your Awareness  (Min Ajliki) was awarded the Speaker of the Knesset’s “Quality of Life Prize” in 2007.