Ehete Center

Ehete Center – Ehete [“my sister” in Amharic], located in Kiryat Gat, grew out of an economic initiative of Ethiopian women skilled in the Ethiopian arts.

Ehete serves as a workplace and cultural space for dozens of women of Ethiopian descent who live in southern Israel.

Ehete’s goals include recognition of the cultural value of these women’s skills, creation of an economic alternative, and provision of a forum for commercial advancement and personal empowerment in order to reduce the marginalization of women.

The women  create ceramic pieces, including sculptures and traditional kitchen items, woven straw baskets using traditional techniques, and Ethiopian embroidery.

Achoti (My Sister in Hebrew)  For Women in Israel founded the Ehete Center and takes an active role in maintaining it as a workplace and cultural center to asisst women of Ethiopian descent achieve economic independence and preserve their cultural traditions. Ehete enables them to showcase a variety of handicrafts and art and turn these into income-generating products.