Sidreh was founded in 1991 by Bedouin women from Laqiya in the Negev with the goal of advancing the status of women in Bedouin society, both economically and personally, and preserving the Bedouin arts of spinning and weaving wool that have been passed down for generations. The production of hand-woven products, primarily for home use, enables the women of Sidreh to earn a livelihood. The wool, from local Negev sheep, is spun by hand using a spindle, hand dyed with synthetic dyes imported from abroad, and woven on traditional looms. In the past, natural dyes were used in keeping with Bedouin tradition, but this allowed only five basic colors. As the project grew, volunteers from abroad introduced imported synthetic dyes, which improved the quality and durability of the dye and provided a broader range of color. The products – carpets, cushion covers, handbags, tapestries, decorative products, etc. – are sold in the Achoti Fair Trade Shop in many designs and sizes.