Thy Neighbor as Thyself


“Love thy neighbor as thyself” –  five words that capture the essence of this nonprofit whose members are Israeli women and Palestinian women from the West Bank. The group meets together to produce crafts, chat, and create amazing products and intercultural friendships. Income from the sale of their work reverts to the Palestinian women to improve their financial situation and contribute to personal-communal empowerment.


The goal of “Thy Neighbor as Thyself” is to build trust and solidarity, while dispelling mutual fear. Taken together, these can forge good neighborly relations and, ultimately, a durable peace.



Al-Kashkher Traditional Bedouin Weaving


Al-Kashkher Traditional Bedouin Weaving is located near Avdat, the ancient Nabataean city.


Among the terraces and springs, the age-old traditions of sheep herding and wool weaving have been preserved.


In the past, the desert women wove the tents that were used during nomadic periods. Today, weaving has become a unique and useful art. The women shear the sheep in the spring, spin the wool into yarn, and weave rugs, cushions, handbags, and ornaments for the home on a traditional loom.


Zeinab Gharbia


Zeinab Gharbia is an honors graduate of the Visual Arts department at Kay College of Beer Sheva.


“I’m particularly proud of this achievement considering my painful childhood growing up as an orphan from a very early age, and my family situation, which compelled me to leave school [after 9th grade] to help earn a living. Until age 25, I was forced to work at various jobs, particularly in agriculture [harvesting]. But my love of learning never stopped. After completing an academic program, I continued in various educational institutions to study, develop, and be empowered, all this while holding down a job as a school art teacher in Lakiya. I see art as a form of self-expression and also a way to sustain the wonderful visual art culture of my heritage, which is disappearing over the years. I fervently hope that through my art, I will be able to transmit and preserve at least a bit of the cultural richness in which I grew up. I work intensely and with great pleasure in various types of material. I use high quality pigments in my pieces so that they will preserve their freshness for many years. Baked at 1200°C., they are also dishwasher and microwave safe. The ornamental objects can withstand all types of weather – both indoor and outdoor temperatures.”


Nuni Yavnai


Nuni Yavnai, a single mother of two daughters, lives and creates in her home studio in Pardes Hanna. She learned fiber arts in the United States – weaving, artistic basket weaving, rug weaving, knitting, and felting.


Mor Shulman Hugim


Mor Shulman Hugim, a mother of four, was trained as a preschool teacher and lives in Kiryat Tivon. Through her creativity, she makes dreams come true out of wood in Miniatura – her studio where she fashions original, hand-made toys for children.


The miniature toys evoke magical moments in which the room becomes an enchanted kingdom, a cave of dwarfs, or a restaurant. The children instantly turn into a king, a fairy, a dwarf, or sometimes a mother or big brother.


The miniature toys are hand made from natural wood, worked or recycled, and radiate warmth and charm.


Rama El


Rama El is a holistic therapist who creates original, unique jewelry from stones and crystals.


Rama was born and lives in Ashkelon.


Since childhood, she has felt that her mission was to help others achieve their goals and find peace in all facets of their lives.


The combination of creativity and expertise in natural healing led her to fashion healing jewelry. The stones are chosen by her intuitively, as she creates a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also contains strong, powerful, and healing energies.


Every piece of jewelry is an exclusive original.


Explanation of the stones in the jewelry of Rama El



Helps create harmony in our relationships with others

Endows an optimistic perspective on life

Wards off negativity

Works to create trust and neutralize distrust

Alleviates digestive disorders



Known as the “stone of happiness”, enhances all levels of energy

Stimulates motivation, inspiration, and achievement

Affords protection, courage, strength, happiness, and blessings

Inhibits timidity and enhances self-confidence

Provides balance to address problems of being over- or under-weight

Activates the second, sacral chakra and resonates into the stomach chakra

Promotes fertility

Enhances sexual energy


Amethyst, Ahlamah

One of the twelve stones in the High Priest’s breastplate

Calms the nervous system

Excellent for alleviating headaches

Contributes to clarity of thought

Inspires advanced meditative and spiritual states

Stimulates the sixth, third-eye chakra

Symbolizes purity, truth, and eternity

Love, balance, and harmony


Agate, Shevo

One of the twelve stones in the High Priest’s breastplate

Helps dispel anger, anxiety, and fear

A grounding stone that strengthens connection to one’s roots

Protects from falls or collisions

Helps heal all forms of physical injury

Comes in a range of colors



Purifies energies

Promotes the preservation and understanding of life

Eases receptivity to change

Recommended for businesspeople and executives as it helps balance intuition and intellect

Heightens telepathic and astrological powers

Can help treat brain disorders while stimulating mental acuity


Mariana Bidart


Mariana Alyssa Bidart, a 31-year old artist, was born in Argentina and moved to Israel in 2009, currently living in Tel Aviv. Mariana’s primary genre is the design and crocheting of dolls, which she learned as a child. Mariana also does creative work in knitting, tricot yarn, embroidery, sewing, and more.


“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to make a living from work that I love and delight in doing, and provide a high-quality, unique product for people to enjoy.”