A Bouquet of Four - Sindyanna of Galilee Soaps

A Bouquet of Four - Sindyanna of Galilee Soaps

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A Bouquet of Four includes 4 different soaps (400 grams) from the various collection of Sindyanna of Galilee Soaps. These are based on a blend of virgin olive oil and natural elements, minerals and herbs with pleasant and therapeutic aromas. 

  • Pure Olive Oil Soap: This cream-colored soap is the original product, without any additional ingredients. Olive oil has the ability to renew skin tissue, regulate and balance its moisture. In addition, olive oil is rich in high quality antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that can damage the skin. Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Blossom Honey Soap: A brown soap made of pure honey and flowers from the Galilee, helps in generating a soft, vibrant skin. This soap contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals that help to regenerate your skin, keeping it moist and clean. Scientific studies have shown that honey has an antimicrobial effect.
  • Creamy Milk SoapThis white colored soap is suitable for all skin types. This soap is made with 20% goats' milk. Milk contains lactic acid, which is known for is moisturizing quality. The soap also removes dead skin cells.
  • Magical Pomegranates SoapThis magical soap made of pomegranates is ideal for treating mature dry skin. Studies have shown that pomegranates have strong antioxidant properties, thus renewing skin cells and unifying skin color, which gives the skin a natural glow and purity while preventing wrinkles.
  • Dead Sea Soap: A black colored soap, ideal for oily skin and treating acne. The soap is a combination of olive oil with the Dead Sea`s mixture of mud and water. This mud strengthens and cleanses the skin, while leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Tip: Because of its deep cleansing effect, this soap can also be used as a facial mask. Dampen your face with water, then massage the soap into the skin and leave it so for three minutes. Rinse with warm water. As a result, your skin will be clean and nourished.

Sindyanna of Galilee olive oil soap is made from extra virgin olive oil mixed with local herbs and minerals. It is made according to traditional techniques used in Nablus, West Bank. This soap represents decades of experience in producing the famous soaps of Nablus, of Adan Tabili and the Nablus Soap Company.

Olive oil has been known for generations as a natural, deep penetrating moisturizer, adding smoothness and softness to dry flaky skin. In particular, it is recommended to use olive oil soaps to replenish skin cells and soften skin tissue. People with various skin problems experienced improvement after using olive oil soaps.