There will be an Outlet

There will be an Outlet

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Bracha Sari's spiritual guide to disillusionment.

"I began to write this book 26 years ago, starting with my book- There will be an Outlet - 5744 (the year 5744, to the creation of the world), to which I set fire, and I have continued to write to this day. Every year I try to write and edit a unique book according to the Jewish calendar. A kind of great Mikraot - with forty sails from different periods...

However, I wanted a kind of personal experience of mine - with the background of my attempts as a Jew in the exile of Yemen and Berkeley and modern Israel. To learn about Jewish life from my personal experience - and if I succeed, maybe many people will learn from it. At the time, there were no computers at hand-but I knew that if an interesting book would be written, it would somehow be published. I wanted to examine how the Jewish calendar - against the background of Jewish and Israeli cultural creativity, influenced my private life and my family's life. I have since written dozens of binders of simple and prosaic annual diaries along with some creative brilliance.

The lists documented my daily life and that of those close to my heart against the backdrop of the works of the period, the Jewish bookcase, my spiritual studies, the dreams of the night and everything that surrounded my life - to hardship and good."

Published in Hebrew