Occupation and refusal

Occupation and refusal

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The issue of civil disobedience is one of the complex phenomena in the relationship between the individual and his country. Failure to comply with the law in a democratic state, whose government decisions derive their authority from the support of the majority, is undoubtedly a particularly complex issue.

This collection of articles contains theoretical essays, drawings and photographs, whose purpose is to shed light on the diverse questions of civil disobedience and refusal during occupation. These compositions, drawings and photographs examine the occupation and the refusal from a political, philosophical, moral and cultural aspect, and even expands the circle of discussion beyond the concrete context of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian population.

Jonathan Bennett/ Bertolt Brech/t Dafna Golan–Agnon/ Moshe Greenberg/ Lahav Halevy/ Slavoj Zizek/ Hanan Hever/ Na'ama Carmi/ Yeshayahu Leibowitz/ Yishai Menuhin/ S. Yizhar/ Susan Sontag/ Miki Kratsman/ David Reeve/ Yehuda Shenhav

Published in Hebrew